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There could be many reasons why a laptop or notebook is not on. If no power source except for the battery, then the problem might be the battery. Perhaps the battery is charged or the battery may rupture. Contrary to popular belief, most batteries can not be overcharged because the charger automatically shuts off when the battery is full. In most cases, if you are running your laptop or notebook AC adapter is used to load equipment and the battery should not be "in charge or dry." There are times when the charger is not working well. Sometimes, the charger automatically shuts off if for some reason the battery can not hold a charge when you turn off the AC adapter, then there is something wrong with the charger. In any case, battery, charger, or both may have to be replaced. S.N. Network & Computer Provide also Laptop repairing at very reasonable price. we provide Laptop repair in Delhi,Laptop repair in Noida,Laptop repair in Gurgaon,Laptop repair in Faridabad and all over NCR.

Every computer company that sells laptops and notebooks have batteries that are tailor made just for that particular computer. Unless your laptop battery is of the same make, year, type and size, the battery does not fit. If the battery does not fit, then there is no power supply for the laptop to work. (Most laptops or notebooks to work through the AC adapter that actually works as a charger for the battery). We sell new and old laptop and all the services laptop. If you wish to you our service than plz find us Laptop service in Delhi, Laptop service in  Noida,Laptop service in Gurgaon,Laptop service in Faridabad

A new laptop usually comes with a battery that is charged at least half or more. There are times when the battery can not have a charge, which depends on the battery life has been without cost. A new battery can last long on a single charge. In any case, always check to see if the battery is charged. If the battery is charged, plug the AC adapter to the computer and then to the outlet. Once the computer is connected via the AC adapter from the computer to function, even if the battery is charged. The battery must demonstrate that it is charging. Double check by looking at the battery icon in the taskbar. The filler material in the battery icon should go up and down indicating that the battery is charging.

The hardware on most laptops and notebooks are made to last a long time, especially the battery. Provide, if no accidents or abuse, the battery is part of the team that will outlast most other components. If something goes wrong with the battery or any other hardware on your computer, get help in a neighborhood computer store. If you have access to a computer after you apply online for help. If you need another computer part, the best place to look is online. Most computer parts are cheaper online.