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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Future Of Wireless LAN For Your Buisness

S.N. Network & Computer provide service To connect your office or shop with a wireless LAN, you will be tempted to take a router or access point from a cheap local supplier.  With a couple of settings that can be used as access points on the LAN and even supply the entire building with radio waves.
At home this may be a good choice. However, the cheap equipment can turn against you later when you want to provide wireless for the whole world wants or needs to do more than occasional access to the server business from your laptop. Inexpensive solutions are quite slow transmission speed in comparison and most often use the old standard IEEE 802.11g (54 Mbps maximum). In addition to the signals sent over the frequency band of 2.4 GHz, which is largely responsible for the interference and the access points will not cover interesting features such as prioritization of VoIP or location of customers triliteration .
These features are standard equipment of the access points developed for corporate use, and often there will be even more integrated and professional expensive devices. Buying a cheap access point will only cost you later for Wireless LAN srvice in Delhi, Wireless Networking in Delhi,Wireless Networking in Noida and Wireless Networking in Gurgaon.
WiFi access points today, the transmission of signals in the IEEE 802.11n standard with multiple antennas at the same time and range up to 300 Mbps of bandwidth. In theory, it would be possible to transmit up to 600 Mbps with this standard. But this would require the use of 4 antennas at the same time. And only a handful of devices to maintain this now.
While you will experience a better signal quality and signal strength with more expensive access points, it is possible to improve the signal with an additional external antenna. For example, you could use a Yagi antenna. Yagi antennas can increase a signal up to 14dBi, this means that the signal will be strengthened a whopping 25 times. We povide good wireless serivce in Delhi and NCR
Although the use of yagi antennas to increase signal strength in the premises of the companies have not yet had the gap, homeowners have long used.
More and more people use a wifi yagi antenna to improve your Internet connection through the air. Easy to install and can be connected directly to a USB port, making it a practice that anyone could do.

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