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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

10 websites where you can get your questions answered

  1. Quora – A site for mostly professional questions about science, economics, movies or anything else. Currently owned by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales (who sometimes answers questions too)!
  2. Askville – Site owned by Amazon, so anyone registered on Amazon can answer your questions.
  3. – Questions and answers in any category. Although it has a good name, users are not as active as on the other sites listed here.
  4. Yahoo! Answers – Probably the most popular one with millions of possible users who can answer your questions (anyone can participate who has a Yahoo! account).
  5. The AnswerBank – Questions about sports new and entertainment.
  6. Answers Wiki – Lot of questions and answers, but the site is kind of ugly because of the advertisements.
  7. Askreddit – Subreddit for questions to the reddit community.
  8. ELI5 – Explain Me Like I’m 5. Ask any hard science question and receive answers in Layman’s term.
  9. AMA – Ask Me Anything. Ask famous people or someone with interesting experiences or job anything.
  10. No Stupid Questions – Another subreddit where you can ask questions. Here you can ask any question and no one will be rude to you for not knowing the answer.

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